Cocktail Party Cosmetics generated from two things that the founder Brittany Benson enjoys, which would include Cocktails and Makeup. After going through a rough time in her life and a divorce, she decided to focus on herself more. Brittany wanted to be able to provide for her family and also keep herself motivated to keep going. After her divorce and having to deal with infidelity, it caused her to question her worth and have self-doubt. She also wanted to inspire others that may have or be going through rough times, to stay encouraged and to stay positive.

In doing so, she began to start her business. The ones close to her know she enjoys hanging out with friends and family and having cocktails and having fun. While brainstorming and coming up with a business plan, she decided to put the two together, hence the name “Cocktail Party Cosmetics”. To start her business venture, her first product was the “Cocktail Party Eyeshadow Palette”, which includes 30 vibrant and pigmented eyeshadow colors named after descriptions of what you may experience at a cocktail party. Some of the names of the different shades included “Wasted”, “Cheers”, “On the Rocks”, “Tipsy” and “Moonshine”. After that was a success, she began to add additional items, such as lip glosses and lipsticks. The names of the lip glosses and lipsticks are different, yet common Cocktail Drinks like Long Island Iced Tea, Tequila Sunrise, Dirty Shirley and Sangria.

Brittany plans to add additional items in the future to coincide with the theme and
concept of her makeup line. These items are to include makeup brushes, smaller
eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and additional makeup accessories and products. In the process she also wants to get her hometown, Needville, Texas some recognition. It’s a small town, but it has the opportunity to be so much bigger. Brittany wants to thank all of her Family and Friends for their Support and also her sons for helping to keep her motivated. She also wanted to share with everyone a quote that kept her Encouraged.

                       “Thank God I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through”